About Barque Press

Peter Manson & Andrea Brady

Barque Press was founded by Andrea Brady and Keston Sutherland in 1995. Since then, we have published over 40 chapbooks and six perfect bound books. One of these, 100 Days, was reviewed in The Guardian and recommended as a Book of the Year for 2001 in the New Statesman. Barque has published poets from the UK, US, France and Canada.

In addition to these text-based publications, Barque has produced four CD-Rs, which include spoken word performances by a variety of artists alongside improvisational music. These are an offshoot of our magazine, Quid, which regularly includes poetry, prose, and critical essays. Formerly print-based, the magazine is now distributed gratis as Adobe Acrobat files from our website.

In August 2005, Barque was given a grant by Arts Council England to support the publication of three new perfect-bound books, fifteen new chapbooks, and a multi-media anthology of new writing. This grant has also enabled us to host a series of events in Cambridge, London and Brighton, to celebrate our new publications. To receive regular e-mail announcements about Barque's activities, and related news, please sign up via the form on our SUBSCRIBE page. Here, you can also become a supporter of Barque Press, by signing up for one our our subscription packages.

About the publishers

Andrea Brady

Andrea Brady is lecturer in early modern literature at Queen Mary, University of London. She runs the Archive of the Now, a print and audio archive of contemporary innovative poetry. Her book Vacation of a Lifetime was published by Salt in 2001. In 2004 Barque published Cold Calling, described in the summer issue of Poetry Review as a 'desperately important book'. Embrace was published by Object Permanence in September 2005. 'Wildfire', a long verse essay on obscurity, illumination and the industrial and military history of phosphorus has been published on the website dispatx.com. She has given public readings in venues in the UK, US and Canada. Her criitcism has been published in a variety of books and magazines; English Funerary Elegy in the Seventeenth Century: Laws in Mourning was published by Palgrave in 2006.


Keston Sutherland

Keston Sutherland teaches English literature and critical theory at the University of Sussex. He is the editor of Quid and the Quid CD series and is currently editing the complete critical prose of J.H. Prynne. He has published numerous essays on poetics, politics and philosophy. Keston's poetry has been translated into French, German, English and Chinese, appearing in anthologies, journals and newspapers across the high art marginalese diaspora. He has given readings all over the world and is thus thoroughly metropolitan. He represented Great Britain in November 2005 at the French Biennale des Poetes at Val de Marne.

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