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Document: Sean Bonney

Sean Bonney

Document's narrative runs from the London suicide bombers through to Blair's resignation. Fully illustrated.

£8.00, 84pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-65-2, July 2009

Author Biography

Sean Bonney has also written, among other things, Blade Pitch Control Unit and Baudelaire in English. His work has been translated into several languages, and he has performed it throughout Europe and North America. He lives in London.

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A sleak racist valium emerged

in July's fireworks. It relaxed

everyone was a single

event, a small reddish dot

on the social belly. Each person

moved. One minute a series

of interconnecting rooms, then

so suddenly a sealed environment.

That's how the open plan office

works, privatisation is that

precise. The market was sure

it would not be shaken. Each

social event was determined

by famous names. If that

messy web didn't work, the

peripheral nerve endings were

sliced. Easy. Stars would massage

and act you out. Print you

out as the weather system

upended human circulation

and social reality, entirely

privatised, licked its congested


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