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Sheep Walk Cut: Stuart Calton

Sheep Walk Cut
Stuart Calton

Sheep Walk Cut is a sequence of historical poems about Scotland.

£4.00, ISBN 978-1-903488-35-5, 2003

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Author Biography

Stuart Calton was born in Wisbech, Cambs in 1977. He lives in Levenshulme, Manchester. He is a call-centre worker and an oppositionist member of the Socialist Workers' Party (UK) and UNITE.

He has published six small volumes of poetry so far. These are Sheep Walk Cut (Barque Press, 2003), The Bench Graft (Barque Press, 2004), United Snap Up (self-published through Fenland Hi-Brow Press, 2004, now out of print but available here), The Corn Mother (Barque Press, 2006), Three Reveries (2010) and The torn instructions for no trebuchet (2013). The first two books were reviewed by Robert Potts in the Guardian.

Stuart Calton is also a musician more frequently visible under the name T.H.F. Drenching. He has released a large number of albums of freely-improvised music and musique concrète with the now-defunct Fenland Hi-Brow Recordings. These are all online for free download at the Free Music Archive.  His current label is Council of Drent.



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For polish caught on cut numb splash
vision compliance and then we lack
hovels. Sported winning ribbon of
land capped the reel special bright

glaze so we miss amphibious curl of
living pretzel, picking now, lunar industry
of police tourism. Okay but now
this is now too not cloths to keep them

warm and so that when they went to
test relief, enacting, no while we collect
passage revenue and cold trampling bust
alarm twist unbedded reactive stop.

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