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Three Poems: William Fuller

Three Poems
William Fuller

William Fuller's Three Poems isn't so much cast before the walls of decrepit abundance as tunnelled through them while both nature and the Company look on. Against which foredrop the solitary obstacles are in bloom (their wheels soluble). From up here on the red/green boughs you can see them swimming out. — Miles Champion

£3.00, 26pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-23-2, 2006

Author Biography

William Fuller received his Ph.D from the University of Virginia in 1983; he has worked for many years as a trust officer in Chicago.  Among his books are The Sugar Borders (O Books, 1992), Aether (Gaz, 1998), Sadly (Flood Editions, 2003), and Watchword  (Flood Editions, 2006), and well as the chapbooks Roll (Equipage, 2000),Three Poems (Barque Press, 2000), Avoid Activity (Rubba Ducky, 2003), and Dry Land (Equipage, 2007). 

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from 'Chicken Reel'


Mechanical horse

adapts its teaching

to magic, while its peaceful

downward glance fills

an imaginary storehouse

exactly like space

nor does an enquirer exist

who comprehends its

boll weevil of wisdom

with sharp sword untainted

by miraculous investation

authentically infused

by omniscient mind stream

only a little squishy

like petals falling apart

as it combines shouts

of cats and squirrels

fastidious of function

these elements will not

be absorbed but remain

aloof in the composite

brightly colored, with

enhanced responsibility

when no data arise

suspected of deviation

from this year's target

and minute discrepancies

owed to parallax

of executive views --

what are the principles that endure

down to the sub-brand

a form of shamanism

free of cessation and of

creation, a flower


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