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Three Replies : William Fuller

Three Replies
William Fuller

"William Fuller's poems suck thought straight in, entertain it, trigger interest in the unknown, laugh wryly at the strangeness of our days: an oasis, not a mirage, in the desert of verse. The sum toteload? Deep joy." --Tom Raworth

£5.00, 22pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-62-1, May 2008

Author Biography

William Fuller received his Ph.D from the University of Virginia in 1983; he has worked for many years as a trust officer in Chicago.  Among his books are The Sugar Borders (O Books, 1992), Aether (Gaz, 1998), Sadly (Flood Editions, 2003), and Watchword  (Flood Editions, 2006), and well as the chapbooks Roll (Equipage, 2000),Three Poems (Barque Press, 2000), Avoid Activity (Rubba Ducky, 2003), and Dry Land (Equipage, 2007). 

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from Three Replies:

Eventually we turn away from these considerations to draw up committees, splitting ourselves into bone and flesh, space and object, chartered and commissioned to overcome what our haphazard origins held out for us, in the technical stillness of a lightless room. That’s dread. Which is a multiple applied to everything we do or say, a gradually blossoming tangle of wood and cloth and paper. Here open techniques work best by creating new relationships, which are laid at the enemy’s door. And the enemy is how many parts per million? Research suggests experience is manufactured only where households are numerous enough to sustain it. I waited and watched although I couldn’t remember what I was there to see. It was a delicate exercise; so I hallucinated. Streets twisted themselves into a cocked, teeming ear. I looked around––this was the proper environment for risk-taking. Mules ascended a slight positive slope. I chose the steeper curve. To defenestration. Degeneration. Reincarnation. On the squid-jigging ground.


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