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No Son House: Chris Goode

No Son House
Chris Goode


24pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-39-3, 2004

Out of Print

Author Biography

Chris Goode is a writer, performance maker and musician. In 1999 he set up the theatre company Signal to Noise. Since 2001 he has been Artistic Director of camden people’s theatre, and also Associate Director with Unlimited Theatre, which was awarded a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2001, for the show Neutrino. In 2002 he won a second Fringe First for his one-person show Kiss of Life, which previewed at cpt before its run at Pleasance Dome. And in 2003 he took his production of Napoleon in Exile (initially developed at cpt for the 2002 Sprint Festival) to an acclaimed run at the Traverse, and subsequently to a London outing at The Drill Hall. He has been described by The Guardian as "one of the most exciting talents working in Britain today".  In addition, he has worked widely as a musician and sound artist (including the duo COAT with Jeremy Hardingham, and collaboration with the installation artist Emily Orley).



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Cot death link to womb dream


: I am so scared

of the work ahead the hands turn into silt

& steal away recall abyssal reach recovery plan

goes Challenger Deep & nearly vertical

how I will hold up here until the rain bumps

speed lights skidding abed a lying night

a supine brain stem sand map manganese

fields the echo life map of the breath routine

susceptible gait in a blue technology

swirl spot kin speak utterly hopelessly

loveliness spiral brotherly I came down


an infant pigtail macaque compares

two mother surrogates: one is covered

in cloth, the other is a bare wire cage

soundless wreckage the living cut gay

twins conjoined at the atlas prejudicial

seamounts mouthed in retrospect news of

beagle failure cats on the artificial

prowl the bow wave what do they mean by

window of communication? millions of

dinoflagellates mechanically excited by the

sailors i’m speaking of before they tidied up

shortwave possibly shadow of the weathercock

what turns round in the mind’s eye

even her names for me now are spurious


leading to functional abnormality

mummy’s brave soldier as the day is long

to go without milk as a token of love


a dream of a dream of neural fire the

monstrous seahorse cut alive cut away

cut with remorse or baby formula

glucose oxyluciferin mute

the alarm a plan for homeland security

eaten by facial bacteria you

unsinkable then extinct it turns

the organ inward or it shrouds in black

the lanterneye seems to blink befell

my image recognition wetware &

I came down into the morning


roll up the sleeve of his long-sleeve t-shirt

several new cuts this is how we fucking

talk to each other when the music’s too loud


interrupted cadence trauma intercept

cloak of night ransacked parietal

bone for liquor Olympiad recess

storage facility down to the wire I

sleepstalk loss Jeff Buckley dead at

30 spurious lossless format

vivisect crowd scene seed in the palm of the

fist little distorted Churchill

gremlin crept in colonise the foetal

breathing pathways roadmap kept

with the water locked in the glovebox sleepyhead


two more surrogates: cardboard & fabric:

two fake mothers on fluoxetine payroll

one is swinging & the other is still

regular disruption to the landscape here’s a

message from the Taikong Corporation

bloodshot and snot-streaked city lights sideways

bled Jeff Buckley dead at 24

Hollywood dream of night pearl life cut

Philip Morris NPD gets firebombed

no sex check on the signal components

beagles on ice after lights-out eerie

calm on the milk-white sea

Jeff Buckley dead at 22 which

bewept to the grave did not go


a bonnet macaque slips out to the cinema

adverts for zoomzoom & auto-fellatio

lights up in the toilets where the usherettes aren’t


rain band vivisect fortune brought

an electric son to pick up & hug

& tight hold dear Trieste submersible

miracle pre-emptive forgiveness deep

encoded sleepstalk courtship failure

flash-train distant we are experiencing

problems with sound somebody spells out

M-U-M with carnations vivisect

lossless sucking on cloth for nutrients

‘Dracula in Memphis’ wound is bleeding

day & night no commercial use


silent drizzle on the incubator plane I’m

breeding a sheer pre-Christian syndrome

wake up at midnight desperate for water

less like the womb a nation of cold-seep

tubeworms we watched Tremors II: Aftershocks

(S.S. Wilson, 1995)

Big worm horror starring Michael Gross

city never sleeps its aposematic

son et lumière we don’t even know we’re

born Jeff Buckley dead at 15

gang-raped by soldiers vivisect the anomal-

opidae is that Intel inside?

remedial intervention an exploratory

surgical procedure wasted on you


say how will you then Mark Laudenslader

know when your children struggle and tear?

the duck stops dancing when the candle goes out


the real-mother apparatus rendered in foxfire

a spurious kiss dead air down the spurious

waveband shredded on spurious methyl-

amphetamine babysit detriment blast

one’s name is the least of it one in a thousand

succumbs it says here suddenly withdrawn

into soundless nightlessness great unlearning

vivisect the splitfin flashlight fish

determine its smokeless fuel no word

from the beagle rewired cat on the sleepstalk

scared child moonless asleep at the wheel


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