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A New Book From Barque Press Which They Will Probably Not Print: Marianne Morris

A New Book From Barque Press Which They Will Probably Not Print
Marianne Morris

£4.00, 38pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-59-1, Oct 2006

Out of Print

Author Biography

Marianne Morris founded Bad Press in 2002. Her published poetry includes: Commitment (Critical Documents, 2011), Tutu Muse (Fly By Night Press, 2008); and A New Book From Barque Press, Which They Will Probably Not Print (Barque Press, 2006).

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from You are the nasty sty over which I wish to honey

Ah the urgency / particularity

of sexual madness as in our man on the street

at the bus

stop catching an eye & pumping up and down his

coat excitedly so excited

as to forget that the MAIN THING is to get yr

dick out on time ie

before the bus blows away. I don’t know if he

made it in time I had to look away laughing

because I was on the top deck, out of sight thinking

how I used to think I understood how society works

how no one in their right mind reads the Telegraph

but how those thoughts made me so unhappy, &

does a daytime date come over more nonchalant than

a later one, well yes but there’s the terrific possibility

you’ll spend all day and then the night together as well

forging intimacy where previously there was hard


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