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Diagnostic: Tim Morris

Tim Morris

So gently rebarbative and to all quick codes alien, these poems and infected bodies of prose are an immanent documentary of critical attention caught fixed on the wing, a science of lyric distress and yet with lines so distinctly adroit and steadied. This is the first of Morris's work to be made available to readers who are not his friends; to his friends, a significant, awaited and very salutary event.

£3.00, 28pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-20-1, 1999

Out of Print

Author Biography

Tim Morris has worked as a journalist, a benefits officer, an employment consultant for ex-prisoners, and a researcher of American Literature. He currently teaches English at the University of Dundee. His poetry books are Ex Nihilo, Two Poems and The Day of the Hangings, with a new collection to be published shortly. His study of Wallace Stevens was published by Salt.

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Then go back slowly after the travels,

once every longer and longer time;

for prevention is bodyweight,
and pound for pound this will help her,

flaring twice a day
under a chloroquine sky.

Skip the missed beat of injected
muscle, taking as little as the

sense of balance, bleeding inside the eyes;
until the next, do not remember,

to protect you, completely as unless is,
or other medicines. High, sever

disorders, are given in this way
for oral schedules, based average of

prescripted groups, even as the week's
missed dosage. No you completely.

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