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Loving Little Orlick: Kevin Nolan

Loving Little Orlick
Kevin Nolan

From Dickens' Irish journeyman to Czech forest-demons, through ancient Roman shipbuilding, the apocalyptic rumblings of the Koran, and middle-managers of the oil and war trades spaced out on lapsed ethics, this sequence of 61 poems rips through the predations of what egotists are calling the 'post-9/11 era', with blacked-up humour and pretty bad grace. An epic collection which will inspire and infuriate even the most accommodated reader.

£8.00, 82pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-55-3, Oct 2006

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from Jamming and rheology of pax-6


Try to produce a list when contradicted and I mean,

forget dates: authority is trans-historical, you say!

Spitting out your teeth. By now it’s lunchtime

at the stable with a tembur strumming, for Euclid Hamsa

who said he’s be ‘back in an hour’, January 2001 (criminal

proceedings against O. were suspended after medical reports);

for Asma Muhamammed Suleiman Saban’neh, in detention at the Carpet

Showroom; Allavah Susseman, burned alive at the Magenta Barrack’s

(please attach her photograph when you write:

suggested salutation, Dear Colonel Orlaq); for the family

of Calex Philemon Briqi, arrested for indecency near Heliopolis;

Musaliadi Nyeberura 22, discovered in the river after

complaining of a persistent cough ....

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