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River Pearls
River Pearls

River Pearls celebrates the first Pearl River Poetry Conference, held in Guangzhou, south China, in June 2005. The conference brought together Chinese and British poets and scholars for events at four different universities in the city, including readings, keynote speeches and debates. River Pearls centres on the contributions of Che Qianzi and J.H. Prynne, which are presented in full. It also includes excerpts from readings by other poets and a sample of the debate following a keynote speech by Keston Sutherland.

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English Subtitles by
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Chinese Poetry translated by
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John Wilkinson

The First Pearl River Poetry Conference
Filmed on location at
Guangzhou University of Commercial Studies

Special Thanks to
EPSI (English Poetry Study Institute) Guangzhou
Dr Li Zhimin, School Of Foreign Languages, Guangzhou University of Commercial Studies
Mr J.H. Prynne

Conference organizers, and people
Professor Ou Hong, Department of English, Sun Yat-sen University
Professor Yong Hemin, Guangzhou University of Commercial Studies
Professor Cao Shanke, Guangzhou University of Commercial Studies
Dr Gordon Gao
Dr Zhang Guangkui

All Poems Used with Permission
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£9.00, May 2008


from “Cloth No. 7”

Trans. by Jeff Twitchell-Waas, Yang Liping and


Four stanzas of a poem

Are just four separate poems: peeling an onion

And a compass. A fish is a printing press:

A fish is a printing press

Again and again

A lonely empty road.

It’s a great trip hunting for food.

Compass, onion, this spiral action of “peeling”,

An onion enclosed (from big

to small, rosy red) in parentheses. This word “onion”
in parentheses

Has become the gist of smells, colours, documents and

X is parentheses, it speaks.

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