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16 Poems: Monika Rinck

16 Poems
Monika Rinck

Translated by Alastair Noon

"A round-up of poets currently writing in German would seem to me to be selectively defective if it hadn’t got wind of Monika Rinck’s work. A poetry which combs and combines the lyric, the idiosyncratic, the magic and the tragic, the bucolic, the alcoholic, the indisputable and the disreputable, the sonic and the laconic, bits, bobs, flips but not flops, sequence and frequency, crazy but never lazy, disabusive and allusive, meaning with a flourish but no finish." --from the preface by Alistair Noon

£5.00, ISBN 978-1-903488-71-3, Nov 2009

Author Biography

Monika Rinck was born in 1969 in Zweibrücken, and lives in Berlin. Her publications include: Begriffsstudio 1996 - 2001 (, 2001); Verzückte Distanzen (2004); Ah, das Love-Ding (essay, 2006); zum fernbleiben der umarmung (2007). Pass auf, Pony (2008, audiobook); Helle Verwirrung/Rincks Ding- und Thierleben (2009, poems, drawings and prose). She is the winner of the Ernst Meister Poetry Award 2008 and the Arno Reinfrank Poetry Award 2009. She collaborates with composers and musicians and teaches from time to time.

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the trophy sheep

white-dabbed places to romp in: a well-positioned sheep.
muscles as solid as nylon, in the dark the ribs,
the joint of mutton's expansion ends in spindly sticks.
the hooves are used for buttons, dildoes, artificial limbs.
tallow rumbles across it, the exterior crinkly with underhair.
here is the sheep, producing surplus value by the minute.
the sheep of the apocalypse, out to become the ubersheep.
the sheep of sharply tuned receivers. the sheep
that points up to the sky, the sheep as an oilwell,
visionary sheep of the future, the sheep of things to come,
made into money, travelling at suicidal speeds.
white cushions worth millions, maximal, numbered,
mouths and marrows in circulation, the trophy sheep.
keep counting: two point two, two
point three, point four million sheep in circulation.
and in the end, exhausted, the sheep of reason blinks.

(with thanks to ms. scho)


"Monika Rinck is to my mind the most interesting of the younger poets to turn up after the millennium. A post-modernist, playful and artful at the same time, her work settles down in her third collection into a solid body of work with a clear direction---a direction that her second volume showed developing. (her first, /Begriffstudio/ was a kind of exploration of internet- and media-speak, with meanings deliberately hard to pin down). Deeply impressive work here... One to look out for, I think. This lady is the real thing." Tony Frazer

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