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Antifreeze: Keston Sutherland

Keston Sutherland

This is the first full-length collection of work by Keston Sutherland, including Mincemeat Seesaw (1999), [Bar Zero] (2000) and a large number of new poems amassed before and since.

132pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-25-6

Out of Print



Lick the gag and lascivious flame fades,
I am shut it goes. Fastened to, snapped
shut by and stuck on her. She makes
up my life pitted for one instinct, see how
does this continuously, rubber shreds
and scandalizes the chewed glass the car
head out through the windscreen.
Her face goes on my leg. Broken
ice scattered in molten chrome glows,
                       falsified the compact
                       body you bargain

                       away chip-eyed and wasted,
                       so drunk the
street in an invisible ice-storm and
men and women entranced to a death-fad
go about nothing unheard. Delete the
exit every step of the routine reinscribes,
make a fresh end, link the shadow
vomited from the eye to an erotic highlight
went shut. Moth versus spaghetti: it
says here shut the thing open to greased
suggestions to the same contrary,

                       as trusted the light shies,
                       waving across
                       her face and my single
                       is a hit. But forever.



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