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Birth Windows: Peter Manson

Birth Windows
Peter Manson

Between the freedom of thin air and lyric self-inspissating, a language which conceives freshly the modern synthesis of wit and agony while tracking their split also to moments of intimacy and robust panic.



24pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-12-6, 1999

Out of Print

Author Biography

Peter Manson was born in Glasgow in 1969. His publications include me generation (unclassified verbal and visual work, Writers Forum 1997), Birth Windows (poems, Barque Press 1999), "Two renga" (collaborations with the poet Elizabeth James, in the Reality Street Editions 4-pack Renga+, 2002),Before and After Mallarmé (translations, Survivors' Press 2005), and Adjunct: an Undigest (prose, Edinburgh Review 2005). An audio CD of extracts from "Adjunct: an Undigest" was released by Stem Recordings in 2004. Peter Manson was the 2005-6 Judith E. Wilson Visiting Fellow in Poetry at Girton College, Cambridge. He co-edits the Object Permanence pamphlet series with Robin Purves.


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from Love Poem

Take this toward summer hampered tempo

you will evolve legs bearing other night armour

to be pressed memory vaguer departing head

among these solo versions late ichor sorted edge

The hair part of song length opening credit status

let flow solid as warming new and hollow black

hand again stepping clean on hope of adept

annex the light become clear balding surface

Our story back in the sonar dip tank

by which simple sketch article twelve comets

pale criminal rest easy is over cautious

the rest is grateful.


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