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Red D Gypsum: J. H. Prynne

Red D Gypsum
J. H. Prynne

Not available in the Freemantle/ Bloodaxe Poems, this sequence repeats in a raised flash the monstrous singularity of Prynne's commitment, to a new poetic ratio so propitiative and so retarding and already so famously beautiful. Alert even to the slender margin of abated cynic watchfulness in Her Weasels Wild Returning and For The Monogram, historic and exorbitantly new, Red D Gypsum strikes down a song for us as no-one else has ever quite been able

20pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-02-7, 1998

Out of Print


The bark running with sperm, fierce fox-cry repeated,

now receding across a trail of scouring must. Flouted

and back over, assault prime screening flipped, iron

par resentment. No charge, no hit. Infer from silence

a fire burning steroid scrim, corrupted interview one

by wasted one to outrun narrowly the starter pack. By

the brim tip macabre and violent fast stertor browsed

with teeth upraise in root channel, lucky dip to rot.


Temper casting promotes kenotic revamp cross to plant

latifundia at a division line, to cap his flask and swerve

past gaps for wind and storm. To smash this hazard beam

with yellow lights returning, snooping up agaric bulbs

under long wind throw, sonic revision screaming echoes:

avulsed by slung jollops in fear of hardship overshot

cascade soral membrane, xylem star retes up in flames

licked under, crepitate the knock racket fumigant spar.

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