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Acrylic Tips: J. H. Prynne

Acrylic Tips
J. H. Prynne

"Prynne continues 'to raise the stake beyond demise' (Unanswering Rational Shore, 2001), but for all the 'profound mottoes of survival' to be extracted from each of the seven uncollected texts, there is as great a sense of encroaching darkness and closure. When they start publishing academic keys, it might indeed be time to 'change the locks' (Acrylic Tips, 2002), but as well as some of his most enigmatic writing, these high-energy constructs contain some of Prynne's most deceptively direct, such as the strophe, antistrophe and epode – or cathode, grid and diode – of Triodes (1999)." --James Keery, The Cambridge Quarterly 35.1 (2006)

16pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-17-1, 2002

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