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Liberties: Andrea Brady

Andrea Brady

52pp, ISBN 978-1-893541-04-7, 1999

Out of Print

Author Biography

Andrea Brady was born in Philadelphia, USA in 1974. She studied at Columbia and Cambridge, and is now Senior Lecturer in Renaissance literature at Queen Mary, University of London, where she is director of the Archive of the Now. She has written extensively on early modern poetry and ritual, as well as on contemporary British and American poetry. Her most recent book, Embrace, was published by Object Permanence in September 2005. She has given public readings in venues throughout the UK, US and Canada. A page describing her work is available at the British Electronic Poetry Centre.

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from An Ell Down

By renewal I mean back to the crib, slap and brightened eyes,

knit a wall of stones against the hyaline air.

Her desperate wish for constancy shows itself only in blood flickers in

a face – could it, um, it, will her fingers’ relation.

To articulate frenzy as sediment curls hibernating in the plastic

sacking under a tundra of crud,

requires – The motion gutters. How much to pay to plunge back into the

field of livid rape, drain its oil,

and cover the dermic freeze. Lighting her chin by reflected yellow

under descending smoke,

she anoints herself livid: her wish reassembled wording so we

know now from her heaped figuring

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