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Cover art by Jonathan Dyck

Lower Parallel
Amy De'Ath

Lower Parallel takes pleasure in anger at what's not changed, got worse, hurt everyone, some more than others, waged and unwaged; is sincere with rage against what is intolerable, like nobility, like men, colonial and not; wants to cancel its own resistance to being reduced to intellect -- reduce me, it says, here's a feminist anyway, so fuck you!

£6.00, 28pp, ISBN 978-1-903488-84-3, 2014/09

Author Biography

Amy De’Ath was born in Suffolk in 1985. Her other poetry books include Caribou (Bad Press, 2011), and Erec & Enide (Salt, 2010). With Fred Wah, she is the editor of a collection of poetry and poetics, Toward. Some. Air. (Banff Centre Press, 2014). Her critical writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Anguish Language (Archive Books, 2014), After Objectivism: Reconfiguring 21st Century Poetry & Poetics, and Cambridge Literary Review. She is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University and works on the poetics journal Line. She lives in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories.

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I must admit I am an attention whore
and that might be forcing you at the point
but give free rein to this, and the sky, split
to nothing. Growing up in a mad dance--
            Since LOve tackles DEbt, I will follow it to
the marrow, 380° restaurants at that time would
not serve cats or dogs, neither do I have nastiness
pooled, I just want to suspend her now
at this time of my life

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