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Quid 6
Quid 6

CONTENTS: Tom Jones. Two Poems.' Drew Milne. Review: Louis Althusser, The Spectre of Hegel: Early Writings. Jennifer Moxley. ‘The Just Real’, ‘Little Brick Walk’. Peter Riley. Two Letters to British Poets (1st Letter). Tim Morris. ‘NHS’. Peter Riley. Two Letters to British Poets (2nd Letter). Keston Sutherland. ‘Thursday and Forever’. J. H. Prynne. 'A Quick Riposte to Handke’s Dictum about War and Language’.Ben Friedlander. ‘Statement of Principle’.


£1.00, 2011/06

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Necessarily it would coincide with events massed over the planet fit to sicken us, but QUID this time harmonizes with several keynotes of the destroyed vox populi, of which the combined thin air is worth a chew: the meeting of the reps at Prague, the rise of the people of Serbia in Belgrade and the drivelling into zero of the U.S. franchise. To these and other things some of the following work might be thought to respond, directly or by direct, paradoxless echo. It might alternately be thought not to. These alternatives for thinking are themselves discussed with hopeful abandon, within these very pages.


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