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Quid 10 part i, part ii and part iii
Quid 10 part i, part ii and part iii

CONTENTS: 10i: Keith Tuma, 'Interlopers Aren't Funny'. Allen Fisher, 'Underbelly Jump'. Scott Thurston, 'Response to Andrea Brady'.

10ii: Edit, 'Response to Keith Tuma'. Jordan Davis, 'Poetry and Capital'. Jeremy Hardingham, 'Shock Performance for the Divine Image of an Immortal Portion of Light'. Peter Middleton, 'The Line Break in Everyday Life'. Drew Milne, 'After Jenin'. Ben Friedlander, 'Tradition and Poetry'. Marjorie Welish, 'Sung Construction'.

10iii: Helen Slater, 'Lincoln’s Inn Fields, 21 May 2002' and 'Against Nation'. Andrew Duncan, 'Harmonice Mundi, or, in Farthest Ferengistan'. Chris Goode and Keston Sutherland, 'Six Bits of An Exchange'. Louis Armand, 'Ozenfant', 'Earth Terminal and Graph'. Robin Purves, 'A Review of Drew Milne, The Damage


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So that I do absolutely want to neglect tactics, though in the most positive and conscious manner only: to refuse them. The second imperative is not to make the refusal to escape itself tactical. The predicament that we're stuck in is not such that we can creditably mirror the rationale of what keeps us there, "matching" the withheld object lessons of Capital point for point. Those lessons are by current definition precisely matchless. The rational punctum we might want negatively to reduplicate is a kind of stab-wound. So why not stab back? Because, as John Wieners wrote with respect to a barely different predicament, it is senseless to try.


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