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Quid 13
Quid 13

full text only available by post: 
£4.00 or $6.00, plus $2 postage
to the USA. 

read the poem by J. H. Prynne here

CONTENTS: Poems in response to the atrocities at Abu Ghraib: Andrea Brady, 'Saw Fit'; Stuart Calton, 'Risk Douse'; J. H. Prynne, 'Refuse Collection'; Keston Sutherland, 'Song of the Wanking Iraqi'; John Wilkinson, 'Multistorey'.


£1.00, 2004/05

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Full text only available by post: £4.00 or $6.00, plus $2 postage to the USA.




To a light led sole in pit of, this by slap-up

barter of an arm rest cap, on stirrup trade in

crawled to many bodies, uncounted.  Talon up

crude oil-for-food, incarnadine incarcerate, get

foremost a track rocket, rapacious in heavy

investment insert tool this way up.  This way

can it will you they took to fast immediate satis-

faction or slather, new slave run the chain store

enlisted, posture writhing what they just want

we’ll box tick that, nim nim.  Camshot spoilers

strap to high stakes head to the ground elated

detonator like a bear dancing stripped canny

sex romp, webbing taint.  Confess sell out the

self input, yes rape yes village gunship by

apache rotor capital genital grant a seed trial

take a nap a twin.


                                    Fruiting bodies vintage

shagged out on batch stand-by, grander conceptual

gravid with foetor, sweet rot adoring placid

or regular.  It is we they do it, even yet now

sodomised in a honey cell, pitted up against

the good cheat dimpled in a power cuff jersey,

shrug to fit waist for traffic, kick the door in.

Go on, do it, we’ll photograph everything, home

movies hold steady on while they is we do it,

by eye it takes oozing huge debt.  Reschedule

value credits, war for oil, oil for food, food for

sex molest modest reject stamp on limp abjected

lustral panoply.  Little crosses everywhere, yours

and mine makeshift parlour chicken rape private

sold down DIY there is a country. 


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