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Quid 15
Quid 15

CONTENTS: Tom Leonard, 'Fair Cop'; Mark Mendoza, 'Untitled'; Chris Goode, 'An Introduction to Speed Reading'; Luśka Mengham, 'Keep Tabs'; Ben Watson, 'Space'; Stephen Rodefer, 'Dining on Cartilege'; Michael Kindellen, four translations from Baudelaire; Emily Critchley, 'The Epidemic'; Stuart Calton, 'Letter to Marianne Morris'.


£1.00, 2005/04

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My activity is broken up into a series of tasks that lead you through the process of building up information, providing the tools for analysis, before posing a final task that asks you to use my knowledge and to evaluate the extent to which you can be described as ‘asset-led.’  An explanation of the grounds for this would mean going into far more details than I could even approximately keep in mind while talking to you.


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