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Quid 17

for J. H. Prynne

In Celebration

24 June 2006

A festschrift in celebration of the 70th Birthday of J. H. Prynne. Thirty new works of poetry and criticism, in admiration and response to 44 years in writing.



1. Tom Raworth, [Poem]

2. Josh Robinson, 'Living in History'

3. Peter Middleton, Thoughts on 'Charm Against Too Many Apples'

4. Hans Thill, 'Aristeas: Biting the Air'

5. Alizon Brunning & Robin Purves, 'Smaller than the Radius of the Planet'

6. Peter Riley, 'Sun Set 4.56'

7. Matt ffytche, 'Es Lebe der Koenig (for Paul Celan, 1920-1970)'

8. Kate Fagan, 'Poem for J. H. Prynne'

9. John Wilkinson, Into the Day

10. David Marriott, 'Of Movement Towards a Natural Place'

11. Jow Lindsay, Excerpt from An Open Letter to J. H. Prynne (on The Plant Time Manifold Transcripts)

12. Peter Manson, 'Birch Birch Birch' [JHP's rune poem]

13. Marianne Morris, Down Where Changed

14. Jeremy Noel-Tod, 'What Stuff' (Down Where Changed)

14. Simon Perril, 'The Oval Window: 'It is life / at the rim of itself'

15. Ian Patterson, 'Fool's Bracelet'

16. Peter Minter, 'Chest Twine Exegete: for J. H. Prynne' [Poem]

17. Michael Haslam, 'Fool's Bracelet'

18. John Hall, 'Punishment Routines'

19. Keston Sutherland, 'Comment and Homage' (Word Order)

20. Ruth Abbott, 'exit pallor' (Not-You)

21. Rod Mengham, 'A Note on Not' (Not-You)

22. Marjorie Welish, Red D Gypsum

23. Ulf Stolterfoht, 'werde schwert (oder stirb beim versuch' [Poem]

24. Will Poole, 'Seductive Forms: Unanswering Rational Shore'

25. Andrea Brady, 'No Turning Back: Acrylic Tips'

26. Robert Potts, 'Yes, why is it like this' (Biting the Air)

27. Out To Lunch, Biting the Air

28. William Fuller, Biting the Air to Work

29. Mazen Himyari, 'As They Tie Whelps to the Bellwether: A Note on "Refuse Collection"'

30. John Kinsella, 'Oxidia: Go' [Poem]



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